Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

All property owners, residential and commercial, have the duty to ensure safe environments for all visitors. If you have been harmed by a hazardous condition on another’s sidewalk, personal residence, restaurant, mall, hotel, office building school, park, theater, museum or other property, you may be eligible to file a premises liability claim and receive compensation for your injury.

Because it is often difficult to prove liability or fault of the owner of the property, you should take extra effort to collect evidence of the hazardous condition. You should, for example, get pictures of the hazardous condition as it existed the moment that you slipped and obtain names and telephone numbers of eyewitnesses.


Your right to a safe environment

Often times a successful case result will be more likely to occur if the injured person has proper paper documentation about the incident, reliable witnesses, and by being honest. Sometimes businesses have security cameras in place that may have caught your accident and will help to support your claim in court.

We will fight for you

It’s important for you to know that Habtemariam Law Firm will fight for your rights until you are satisfied with the results. The claim process should be started immediately after you sustain an injury. We can help you determine who the person responsible for your injury is. Please call our office today to discuss your case in more detail.

Whether you fall from a ladder or slip and fall on a wet surface, falling is extremely dangerous. In these types of accidents people often suffer injuries ranging from twisted ankles all the way to broken bones.

During and after mopping a floor a business is required by law to make people aware of the possible risk of slipping and falling in the freshly mopped area. If there was no warning sign the business is at fault.

If more people took the time to put other's safety first, we would have a lot less injuries. When people show blatant disregard for other’s safety, there is a potential to be in harm's way.