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A Conscientious Volunteer. I have known Nef for about eight years now. He works hard and he is always willing to lend a hand. He regularly assists me with a legal clinic when I am working with clients who speak Amharic and Tigrinya and he has a great rapport with the clients.

        By Rory          August 10, 2016

Aggressive Lawyer. Neftalem represented me in a car crash lawsuit where I was rear ended. He fought my case vigorously and deligently. Because of him,I got a policy limit award. He kept me informed. He answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend him to any who is look for a car accident attorney.

        By Tsega Merha          August 3, 2016

Car accident. Neftalem is amazing lawyer. I would recommend him to every one who has the same case as mine. What I like the most is his excellent communication, follow up of the case and updating me any changes on time. he closed the case in satisfactory settlement. And over all it was easy for me to communicate, because he speaks my language. Thank you lawyer Neftalem.

        By Fitsum          June 15, 2016

seattle best lawyer. The law offices of Neftalem Teklay Habtemariam are very competent and incredibly professional. Neftalem was assisted us and was very courteous and helpful. I've been very satisfied with my legal help at this office. he keep track out process and notifying via email each processes steps.very professional way with detail info i ll say keep it up thanks for great job & very reasonable price recommended for every one.

        By ephrem          March 23, 2016

Very Good Lawyer. I had a car collision in 2013. I hired Mr. Habtemariam to represent me in my personal injury claim against an insurance company. Mr. Habtemariam filed a lawsuit against the person who T-boned me. In the middle of the lawsuit the insurance company of the negligent person caved in to our demand and settled the case. I am very happy with the results. I encourage everyone to hire him if you have a car crash.

        By Absra          March 12, 2016

Great lawyer who cares! Neftalem is savvy experienced lawyer Who will get you the most you can get Out the Insurance Company. He got me a Max deal, He's also one of the most genuine lawyers Who cares about his clients. He is East African too so if you're looking for lawyer you can trust, I definitely recommend him.

        By Abdirizak          November 10, 2015

Athorney Nefthalem habtomariam! He is the most intellicence and reayalistic lower .also he is committed to his work and lawful person.we glade to have us him in our world.I am very proud of him what he worked for me and consaulted me in all what need help.he is helpful and trustful lower ever .

        By Eyob          August 3, 2015

Naftalem is Informative, Respectable and Kindhearted attorney. Naftalem Habtemariam is the best lawyer than others that I know. I don't know how I would modify him. I made him with a friend of mine and I call over to his office to share what trouble I involve in. and that was business matter. But it is amazing after he heard respectfully my problem, he just told me to take it easy and he states that as he will address to them with the matter of fact. He did, he made it my day to be again bright. what I see from him is not about the money, He has self-confidence and he is an intellectual person he cares about the problem occurs to be solved. and also I had car accident by the time, so I just I hire him. the bottom line He is am so happy to having the best lawyer like Naftalem Habtemariam.

        By Anonymous          April 5, 2016

Manager. Neftalem is amazing lawyer and very professional .the quality of his service is phenomenal .he is a very helpful and patient with me , and always finds an answer for my question and concerns . He always make himself available when i need him .

        By solomon          March 20, 2016

Very informative,amazing and responsibility. Neftalem was an absolutely amazing lawyer throughout the course of my case. From the outset, I was confident that he was going to help my legal issue with the insurance company. He was quick to reply to my initial inquiry and was really sharp in separating out just the important facts about my case. When I needed medical opinions, he suggested several doctors in the community who were of great reputation. How else would I know who to go to? My own insurance, yeah right! In addition to being a wonderful attorney, he also went far beyond my expectations by genuinely expressing concern for what I was experiencing. At some point you have to have faith in the other person, and with him I had faith very early. If you are reading this because you are searching for an personal injury lawyer that has your best interests in mind, you have finished your search.

        By Teshim          February 10, 2016

super lawyer. He represented me in a personal injury lawsuit and I highly recommend for anyone looking for a lawyer in seattle. He is aggressive and intelligent lawyer.

        By Mussie dawit          August 6, 2015